Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Running Bioshock on Inspiron 1520

I just received my new Dell Inspiron 1520 with the nVidia 8600 GT. This purchase also included Bioshock, The Sims 2 Deluxe and Company of Heroes.

As soon as I turned on the computer, It was too slow. More than I expected for a new computer with 2GB of RAM. I blame the Bloatware preinstalled on this machine. Also, going to "My computer", I found there were 3 "Three"! partitions: main drive and two more with media direct and some other stuff. I really found it useless. What's the purpose of getting access to media without booting the computer? I rather prefer turning on the iPod or the radio.

I decided to clean up that preloaded-mess and reinstalled Windows Vista. Install is pretty straightforward. I removed all partitions and created only two: One for Windows and some empty space for Ubuntu (Which will be installed later).

Drivers were installed without any trouble from the DELL drivers Disk. I couldn't wait more to play Bioshock ...

Game Installed successfully after a couple of minutes and I was now ready to play.

Game intro worked .... [They told me .... son you're special] .... but after that, the game crash, the screen remains black.

If you have faced this, then you still have the Dell Drivers installed. To overcome this issue, you have to get the latest drivers. The ones from the nVidia website didn't work (Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that my machine is equiped with the nVidia 8600M GT video Card).


On the link above you will find the latest drivers location. I downloaded the 163.67 version. After you download the drivers, run the .exe file and replace the [nv_disp.inf] file with the Modded Inf file located in the same page.

Following the steps mentioned, I ran the game again. Now, I was able to view the stunning graphics provided by 2k, but ..... No Sound!!!

At first I thought this was part of the scene mood, but quickly I noticed the game was running without sound (The game Intro was heared ok).

To solve this, go to the executable location, right click on it and under the Compatibility mode, enable and select Windows XP/2000.

No I have my game Working. Here a screnshoot as a proof:

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