Friday, April 18, 2008

Valve's Source - Pre

Lately, I've been going through the process of learning about Valve's Source.

Initially, you should own a valid copy of any Valve games (I actually own HL2, so I am ready to work).

First step in this process is to get the Source SDK from the Valve website. It's really easy, as you only have to open the STEAM Control Panel and, under the Tools tab, you have to double click on Source SDK Base and Source SDK packages, and Steam will install and download them for you. As easy as it can be.

The follow link will guide you in detail:

Please follow the instructions ... not as I did ... It's mandatory that you run the game before running the SDK, otherwise SDK won't run!

When you are ready, you can launch source from Steam Control Panel. Your entry point then is to visit the SDK Reference Docs located in the Documentation Area.

What's first? Creating a Map? Creating a Mod? Is there any place to start? I am lost!!! Here is where I complain about the documentation from Valve. Well, According to the Oxford English Dictionary (1997), complain: say one is dissatisfied. So, instead of complaining, I will try to give some more details on the tutorials where you can get clueless as there are not details, screenshots, etc.

So, let's start. The following link will take you to the Entry point for basic documentation:

Next tutorial will guide you through the creation of a Mod.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Future is written ... in history books

This phrase came to me after a discussion with my wife regarding whether the Future is already written or not. That is, if everything in our lifes has already been established previously, like the destiny.

If you are supposed to be a Musician, there's nothing you can do to change that; a Predestination.

But, I totally disagree with that thought. I think everyting is happening right now! and you can change it now!

Here we use that quote: "Future is already written".

I have decided to rephrase that with the following:

"Future is already written ... in history books"
"el futuro esta escrito ... en los libros de historia"

What do you think?