Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bioshock status .... Finished

I can believe it .... Just a couple of minutes ago, I finished Bioshock (without cheating).

This is an amazing game. I love the graphics and the characters (I am a real fan of Art-Deco style). I love the Chrysler and the American Radiator Buildings in NY (they are Art-Deco too, right?).

Please take a look at the following pictures from my cellphone. (I was unable to take screenshots using the "Print Screen" key).

I have to say that the ending was not as good as the whole game, It looked more like a "Love movie". (Well, if you played as Mr Goodie two shoes)


samureye said...

'grats on finishing! And thanks for the help, I was getting the same problem where the game is cutting off and now it works! Did you tweak the game any to get it to run as you wanted? That would be really helpful! I hope to finish it at some point, how long was it for you? I just got fire powers ha

Fabian Mejia said...

No, the game was not tweaked, I took about 6 days to finish the game (Playing about 6 hours daily).

samureye said...

Cool. I think things don't go as smooth on full blast. I took off everything and it runs much better, but I am playing around with enabling a few perks - you notice a definite hit in graphics taking everything off.