Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fallout 3

Year has ended and so I finished playing Fallout 3. I enjoyed a lot this game.

I have few thing to say about it. The story is well constructed and the environment is really cool. I've been before in D.C, and the post-apocalyptic landscape looks terrifying in Fallout 3.

Two things impression me: First, loading times. Game start pretty quick, and reloading a saved game or changing to a different level/screen is fast. Probably faster than any other game I've played lately. Second, graphics have the best quality you can find in 2008 games.

As you can see above, characters are well detailed. I have to criticize that characters lack of emotion. They look the same when they are happy or sad, angry or laughing. This sometimes confuses the player, specially when you want to decide the next chat action.

Playability is good and controls are easy to handle. The V.A.T.S feature give a different dimension to the game, turning battles into cinematic shots; even sounds seem to go in slow motion.

Game is not really long (I was expecting more from the story) but as we are getting used to, expansions will be released. Puzzles are not difficult (Even I solved all of them) and they are entertaining.

If you had time to play this excellent game, I hope you had the same feeling I had; if you don't ... what are you waiting to play it?

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Anonymous said...

I like the animation part...I Don't know about video games that much, but you have described in detail for me! nice.