Sunday, June 06, 2010

Vamos a disflutal del tlopico friends!

Welcome to Tropico 3 ....

And I am Juanito!

[Don't let your Island become a Banana Republic]

It looks like I've been playing lately a lot of games (I also have to mention that this weekend I just bought Dragon Age Origins, Splinter Cell Conviction and Split Second).

What I love of this game is how they take al the cliches from the Latin american people (more precisely people from the caribean countries) Although cliches, it's really close to the folklore in that region of the world.

Being Latin American it's interesting that a Bulgarian developer team has really good knowledge of the caribean (Well maybe there are some latin guys in their development team).

[Luisa ... I can't wait to see you]

The music is also splendid both in quality and region-match. Lyrics are funny and ... eventhough I finished the game I still sing those songs in the streets (para ponerte ... para ponerte..... para ponerte mi apellido)

One drawback for this game is the lack of good tutorial. I had to play 4 times the first game to be able to understand all the economic and politics, and how they are linked to the behavior of the people.

[Summer 1975, What a wonderful time]

From my personal point of view, this game a must. It's curious that although it's just a game, sometimes it's close to the reality of many latin american countries.

After all it's really difficult to have everybody happy!!

[Juan ... you are close!]