Sunday, May 23, 2010

Need For Speed Shift

Last time I played and racing game was Need For Speed 3 (1998) and, correct me if I am wrong but that one was the best NFS ever.

This version is more like a realistic racing simulation. Is not as fan as previous games, but I still enjoyed it. I have to accept that I played the game in easy but without the help of the brake. Even with that level, the game is not really easy.

Graphics are amazing, and all details and effects look real. Also, cars are fully customizable, and you can upgrade and tunning most of the car features.
There are two important features missing in this game: night and rain (or any other athmospheric effects) These are my favorite features, but this game lacks of them. I think they give different feeling and challenges to the game.

Overall, if you like racing games and looking for a real driving challenge, this game is for you, but if you want something fun then play Dirt 2

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